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Welcome to OddLabs! It's a little portfolio of mine. Here you can find various campaigns that were created for renown agencies and worldwide brands along with some personal projects. If you want something like this or better - just give me a call! See ya!

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Renat Gazizov
Dreamer and Writer
LG Home Appliance NeoChef MWO Launch Campaign
To promote newest micro-wave oven with stylish design and outstanding cooking abilities we asked various bloggers to test it and give their review. Zhenya Zhdanova, Rita Che, Olga Savchenko and Alena Sanaeva told how NeoChef defines the Feng Shui of modern kitchen while Sergey Dolya and Vasiliy Emelyanenko showed how this magic box can become a real chef in right hands with the help of Bon Appetit culinary channel.

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LG Home Appliance TwinWash and Styler Launch Campaign
To promote world's first washing machine with 2 separate sections for ordinary and delicate washing along with styler powered by TrueSteam technology we used the theme of high fashion. Not only we presented these stylish products in digital but also delivered podium-like stand on Moscow Fashion Week 2016 in status of official partner.

By participating in our Instagram contest users could win tickets to MFW to see latest collections and our products of course along with new LG Signature line. High guests and celebrities of this luxorious event were delighted by our show and presentation.

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LG Home Appliance Campaign Q2 2016
In hot summer everything people need is freshness. While shamans pray for rains in deserts we know who you could ask for freshness in Russia!

To promote LG refrigerators and air care products that bring freshness to the life of our customers we upgraded 'white room' visual concept from Q1 and added green color to underline outdoor and fresh theme in communication. Call to action and slogan were transformed into request 'LG, fresh me up' which is a game of rhyme in Russian - #LGосвежи

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LG Mobile Communication K Series Smartphones Launch Campaign
To promote new LG K10, K10 LTE, K7 and K4 smartphones we focused on one of the main features - Gesture Shot function - which helps you to make cool selfies with the wave of hand. The gesture itself remind of bye-bye so we've come up with the big idea for our campaign. We launched Ideal Selfie Academy to educate people how to make really good selfies with LG K smartphones.

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LG Home Appliance Campaign Q1 2016
Care about beloved ones is something that you can't see with your eyes but can feel with your heart. Same with the LG technologies inside Home Appliance products. You can't see the main innovation, but it's there and it helps you to provide more careness to your family.

Presenting Invisible Care Technologies of LG! First flight of year long campaign dedicated to family values and care, which are primary things in life (as well as our products) while everything else is secondary.

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LG Home Appliance Campaign Q4 2015
Every family has a very Special Moment that needs to be celebrated widely. The wedding, the birth of a child or pass of the university exams - the reason is no matter. The most important is a small circle of beloved ones who share your happiness and a little party at home. With our campaign we showed how you can prepare your home for Special Moment celebration.

In Q4 of 2015 LG gave people an oportunity to tell about their feelings on a biggest screen in Moscow, to win the home celebration with presents from LG and to thank the old year for its surprises in social networks. To connect all these activations in one we presented the Cake concept where every level dedicated to one theme. Guess what - we even created the real cake to celebrate the start of campaign!

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Viral Video on Youtube by SLAVA
LG Home Appliance CordZero Vacuum Cleaners Campaign
In order to present new cool CordZero vacuum cleaners to audience with high income we created Top Models concept with fashion shooting. CordZero became stylish accessory for living. By the time user learn about key features he understands that our Top Models aren't humans but vacuum cleaners!

Though initial concept was very posh and ascetic to underline premium character of our product, client insisted on more detailed approach. So we added interiors, explained key features with straight examples and loaded our site with countless notes and logos.

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LG Home Entertainment Ultrawide monitors Launch Campaign
LG Ultrawide monitors with 21:9 screen is the ultimate solution for all those who already become professional or just get started!

Presenting ULTRAWIDE TEST DRIVE – the unique platform for professionals and prosumers where you can get LG Ultrawide monitor for a test and after successful review keep it! Following the atmosphere of car test-drive we conducted a competition where we selected only the best prosumers in Russian internet who're making success in design, music editing, stock market, gaming etc.

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Cool UGC video on VK

Even cooler UGC video on Youtube
LG Home Entertainment Portable Speaker Launch Campaign
To promote LG Portable Speaker among youngsters and raise the clicks on Where To Buy page on LG site we decided to create a 'city legend' of cool portable speaker which can be obtained via secret instruction or found on map on LG site! Thus started campaign In Search Of Music!

Popular teen video blogger Yulia Pushman teased our Portable Speaker and said how she got it through coubs. Additionally she promoted product as a cool device for hanging out with music. We created 9 viral coubs with #musicflow and huge playlist of popular songs. In 3 of them was secret instruction how to get Portable Speaker. After all prizes were found we change instruction and directed all users to Lucky Pin contest with 3 easy steps: browse our map in Where To Buy section and click on pins; search & follow the hints from Portable Speaker section; find lucky pin and get Portable Speaker!

Yulia's teaser on Youtube

Teaser coubs
LG Mobile Communication G4S/C Launch Campaign
To launch G4S/C with great reach and awareness and communicate its key features among target audience we created the main concept for campaign – The Tough Smartphone For Tough Guys – which used the image of biker guys in digital and TV communication. All because of metal-like hard case on the back of the smartphone.

After the advertising video with local action movies star Vladimir Yaglich we conducted the second season of Smart Photo School with mobile photography master classes from bloggers in order to present G4S/C camera features.

Video on Youtube

Smart Photo School Video
LG Home Appliance REF and WM Summer Campaign 2015
Summer is the traditional prime time to premiere blockbusters and people have a good reaction to all movies promotion in all channels! We decided to camouflage our campaign with the promotion of new movie about cool super-spy with all the inherent aesthetics.

Meet the mysterious Mister COLD and his gorgeous sidekick Miss STEAM! These sexy heroes with premium look impersonated LG Door-In-Door refrigerator and LG True Steam washing machine! At teaser we launched MR COLD micro-site that had no clear association with the LG Electronics company. After reveal Mr. Cold site was replaced by LG Secret Lab site with high-tech expert F.

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We took the whole constellation of most glamorous and fashion celebrity girls with millions of followers to promote LG G4 via their accounts and make this smartphone with leather back really trendy – Anna Sedokova, Alena Vodonaeva, Ksenia Borodina, Olga Buzova and Viktoria Bonya.
We also gave G4 to one of the famous Russian car bloggers Alan Enileev who took pictures in real time during his road trips in Europe and posted them with our hashtag #СнятоНаLGG4.

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Writing is not just a profession. It is vocation. So all that you have to do is follow your calling...
The Promise
Collection of short stories
150 RUB
In a world where nightmares coexist with a cozy warmth of the stairwells and mystical experiences open the door to the unknown can you keep your promise?

Renat Gazizov presents a collection of mystery short stories and urban legends complete with amazing illustrations by Victor Miller Gausa.

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AlfaStrakhovanie Integrated Image Campaign
To present the new futuristic image of AlfaStrakhovanie insurance company we developed and held so ambitious and large-scale integrated campaign that our client was truly delighted. We dreamed about not so distant future, where cars are hovering along the road, where super-jets are piercing the sky, where HR job is significantly changing and finances are much easier to handle. But no matter how cloudless this future is still you will be needing latest insurance products!

With hi-tech night and day billboards with QR-codes and banners that were linked to our promo site we showed the new innovative AlfaStrakhovanie products from future that already available in present to cover expenses and protect people.

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Unilever Axe Black 360 Launch Campaign
To support global launch of new premium and ascetic line of Axe Black products we engaged all available channels of communication - digital, OOH, radio, direct mail, media - to create massive integrated campaign with a true sense of 360.

In A World Where Noise Is Ruling
Understatement Is Better Than Loud Phrases

Not only we developed and launched promo site, but also showed passengers of Moscow subway series of Axe Black communication, broadcasted audio advertising to listeners of various online stations, engaged users with various banners, made refined gift-pack, presented style & sexy calendar with Axe Black girls and organized offline-online concert of famous rapper Basta.
Sberbank Interactive Installation
Bank is a necessary place for adults but at the same time is a very boring place for children. While parents are managing finances their kids are bored.

To befriend children with a Sberbank we created Candymat - world's first children's AСM (automatic candy machine) with educational games featuring funny Dragon character and sweets as prizes. This unique terminal was placed in flagship office at Tverskaya street in Moscow, was used over 4 200 times and generated over 12 000 positive emotions (sweets) for kids and for their parents, clients of Sberbank!

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Sony DSC-QX Series Launch Campaign
For a revolutionary device Sony DSC-QX that could become the game changer in casual photography we developed a new category and even the new word! Presenting the 'smartograph' - unique mountable lens-camera that could turn your smartphone into professional camera and you - into smartographer (smartphone + photographer).

We developed promo site with laconic design and promoted smartograph from Sony with stylish banners, branded relevant photo blogs and sites and video reviews.
Sony Walkman NWZ-WH Series Launch Campaign
To support the release of innovative Sony Walkman NWZ-WH headphones, which can perform three functions at once - used as a player, working as classic headphones and play music as a speaker - we decided to show all three 'dimensions' of one sound using 3D layout of one user.

Tripled boy with black NWZ-WH303 and tripled girl with white NWZ-WH505 appeared on our site, banners and in video. In this little story we showed how two beloved youths hurry to meet each other at the river and use their innovative headphones to be with music on the go.

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Amur Tiger Center And Rosselhoz Bank TV Campaign
To inform the audience about the launch of 'Amur Tiger' plastic cards by using which you can help to save tigers in a material way we asked well-known TV hosts Timur Kizyakov, Elena Vinnik and Alexander Belyaev to star in our videos together with the real Amur tiger cubs and appeal to the audience for help.

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Video with Timur on Vimeo

Video with Elena on Vimeo

Video with Alexander on Vimeo
Megafon XS Tariff Digital Promo
To support the launch of new tariff 'All Inclusive XS' from Megafon and TV campaign with famous actor and TV host Ivan Urgant we created promo site with virtual box with prizes that can be opened with the share of branded messages.

There was very simple yet very effective mechanics:
1) Select the object with the message about the benefits of the tariff
2) Share this message in your social network with #speakforfive
3) Box opens instantly so you see if you got your prize or you should try again

Results of this digital promo were astonishing! We gather over 100 000 shares, got 1 place in VK topics with #speakforfive and stayed in top for 3 weeks with the 20 shares per minute at maximum peak!

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Megafon Interactive Installation
To offer fans of the Russian Olympic team an innovative way to support their idols in creative way as part of the Megafon sponsorship of Winter Olympic Games 2014 we placed digital fotobooth in Megafon pavilion at Gorky Park. Here everyone could make a unique personal portrait composed of slogans supporting the Olympics, and then share the picture with friends in social networks.

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Megafon B2B Services for Government Video Promo
To present Megafon Big Data powered B2B services for government and financial companies we created video with infographics that was broadcasted in B2B offices on big screens.

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Bacardi and Martini Interactive Installation
To give people a useful tool that will help them quickly and easily choose and create Bacardi and Martini based cocktails for home parties we created Bacardi Party Planner!

It is the world's first device that teach people how to buy alcohol to create cocktails in an easy and fun way, depending on the type of party and the number of expected guests. This interactive installation was created as a part of Bacardi and Martini instore promotion and placed in Metro Cash & Carry supermarts. Deluxe Interactive won numerous prizes at various festivals for Bacardi Party Planner!

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Video on Vimeo (ENG)

Video on Vimeo (RUS)
GFD FreshBar Launch & SMM Campaign
To launch and promote new FreshBar non-alcoholic line of cocktails we create A PAIR OF BARANORMALS campaign to be inline with communication platform So Baranormal.

We decided to use the idea with ambassadors duo - BaraBro and FreshLady - in order to properly communicate with our target audience in digital and especially in social networks. These two lived through the year within FreshBar lifestyle broadcasting all their emotions and thoughts according to our strategy. Content sections on site and posts in social networks were divided by FreshBar tastes and represented main youths interests - music, fashion, parties, relations and games.
ASUS Fonepad 7 Launch Digital Promo

With new ASUS FonePad you're always in the middle of action, always online with your friends. You can do whatever you want - you even can assemble THE BIGGEST ORCHESTRA OF YOUR FRIENDS!

To support the FonePad digital promo we created a mini-site with simple contest. Assemble the biggest orchestra of your friends in the social networks to play classical New Year symphony (Jingle Bells/Let it Snow) on multiple FonePads! Each friend can be 'used' in an infinite number of orchestras, as well as he can create his own New Year Orchestra to invite you in it – this is a powerful viral effect and the high potential of sharing!
Hills Science Plan Digital Promo

Traditionally in the New Year Eve we strive to decorate house to create a festive atmosphere and often in the midst of it we forget about our pets. But they are also members of the family and they want to celebrate with us. Hill's Science Plan knows the secret that will help to create a real New Year mood for you and your pet!

By participating in our digital promo users could get the special Hill's Science Plan nutrition pack with red bowtie for dog or red cape for cat. There was also an option to get festive calendar with pets by uploading photos on our site.
Valio Oltermanni Digital Promo
To support Oltermanni TV campaign with famous russian ice-skater Tatyana Navka we created a truly lightweight site. We placed there a test about night meals with results sharing and Delight Converter which can be used to see what snacks you can afford if you have Oltermanni cheese in your ration.
And just a little glimpse of numerous trade marketing projects of strong spirits that I was helping with...
Unfortunately not all projects made it to the production stage.

We had developed many cool, risky and innovative proposals for tenders of such brands as Acronis, Acuvue, Ahmad, Ardalin, Aviasales, Bacardi, BORK, Calve, Clear Vita Abe, Cornetto, Essa, Fererro, Jaguar, Jacobs, Lays, Land Rover, Lipton, Magnum, OBI, OneTwoTrip, Palette, Pepsi, Picnic, Raffaello, Rexona Men/Woman, Schauma, WimmBillDann, XLS Medical, Авилон, Агуша, Адамас, Аленка, Афлубин, Барьер, Билайн, Донстрой, Кальций Д3 45+, Лазолван РИНО, Лактацид, Молочная Культура, Пенталгин, Петелинка, Превалин, Ростелеком, Рупафин, Спортмастер, Сайленс Форте, МосЦветТорг, Экзо.
Kaspersky Lab And Formula 1 Digital Promo
To support launch of the new Kaspersky Internet Security soft we created promo site where users could win tickets to Formula 1 Gran-Prix in Italy by placing bets on certain racers of Ferarri Scuderia team. To participate in promo and place bets users need to enter product code of their copy of Kaspersky Internet Security or Kaspersky Crystal.

Apart from traditional banners and in-store promo packs we also created viral video with anti-virus unboxing where user finds unexpected things in the Kaspersky Internet Security box.

Viral video on Youtube
Kaspersky Lab Digital And Youtube Campaign
There are many things valuable to us, that we are consisted from. Some of them are safe laying in our houses, but what about digital valuables? They can be snatched or ruined easily by internet criminals, so you need something to be ON THE GUARD OF YOU! Like Kaspersky Internet Security for example!

To promote latest anti-virus product from Kaspersky Lab we created promo site nastraje.ru where users need to find and pick valuables of certain characters and place their bets to win prizes from Kaspersky Lab. Also we created several promotion videos using 'knolling' style to present most valuable things of our characters. This digital promo was so good that it was extended by client for a New Year edition!

Video with Sergey on Youtube | Video with Kseniya on Youtube

Video with Oleg on Youtube | Video with Marilyn on Youtube

Video with Ded Moroz on Youtube
Novartis Lamizil Uno Viral Campaign
To secretly promote Lamizil antifungal products we created social movement GRIBAM.NET with mad scientist L.M. Zilov as a leader! Now this fellow did crazy things in his video blog on gribam.net to prove the hazardous character of mushrooms and other fungus. Additionally we posted myths, science articles and latest news from the world of fungus to create buzz across social networks!

At reveal stage we gathered over 300 000 unique users on gribam.net, 435 000 views of our videos, recruited 6500 members of antifungal movement and generated 12 000 likes! This is the most beloved and interesting case from DEFA/JUNG!

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Kia Sorento Digital Promo
To support Kia Sorento TV campaign 'Men's Approach' with action movie star Mikhail Porechenkov we partnered with IVI online theater to integrate pre-rolls, mid-rolls and post-rolls with Kia Sorento in 50 action movies!

Thing is these short advertising videos were integrated in the story of movie and were shown in the certain moments to reproach villain for his lack of masculine or to compliment hero for his men's approach! Thanks to this tactics we exceeded average CTR twice and got to 7,6 % with coverage of more than 500 000 unique users of IVI.

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Kia Optima Launch Campaign
To support Kia Optima TV campaign '485 cm of business class' we created promo site 485 BUSINESS RULES where every centimeter of Kia Optima could give you business advice and show certain feature of this car.

To get the useful prize from Kia - digital copy of business book from renown businessmen - users need to download PDF leaflet with code and rule with certain number. After that they need to find rule with this number on the surface of Kia Optima and enter the code.

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RTRS Educational Campaign
To present digital TV broadcasting features of RTRS to russian TV audience we created site Telecontext (now it is a group in VK) and series of educational videos with instructions how to upgrade domestic TV set for digital era.

Video instruction on Youtube

Video about Telecontext on Youtube
Unfortunately not all projects made it to the production stage.

We had developed several cool and innovative proposals for tenders of such brands as Opel Adam, Best FM, Chery, E-On, S7, Samsung, Черкизово, Основа Телеком, Петелинка, Спортмастер, Совкомбанк.
In every project naming and concept were the first things required from copywriter. And these things were delivered in the best way possible...
Inconnect Integrated Campaign
To present Russia on worldwide exhibition in South Korea we designed Russian pavilion, developed zones and routes for navigation inside, created apps, presentations and videos for our foreign guests and day by day refreshed official site with new info!

Russian pavillion won Silver prize at EXPO 2012 for its design, innovations and hospitality. It was one of the biggest integrated campaigns ever!

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Video on Youtube

Russia 24 special report
Komandir.Taxi Drivers Presentation Video
The video was shown on display in taxi to present passengers the main benefits and operating principles of service of Komandir.Taxi company.

Video on Youtube
Unfortunately not all projects made it to the production stage or have been properly archived.

We had developed several cool and innovative proposals for tenders that are not presented even on agency site (or have been removed).
Sometimes it's good to change perspective and try to walk in new direction. In the result you can get some cool BTL projects or even start your own event agency...
Proper adaptation, original premiere and quality promo materials - these are the basic components of success in the box office...
Brad Furman's criminal drama starring Matthew McConaughey, Marisa Tomei, Ryan Phillippe, William H. Macy, Bryan Cranston and others.
Mick Haller is a defense lawyer who works out of his Lincoln. When a wealthy realtor is accused of assaulting a prostitute, Haller is asked to defend him. The man claims that the woman is trying to get some money out of him. But when Haller looks at the evidence against him, he learns that this case might be linked to an old case of his.

Trailer on Youtube

Film page on Kinopoisk
John Curran's thriller starring Robert De Niro, Edward Norton and Milla Jovovich.
A convicted arsonist looks to manipulate a parole officer into a plan to secure his parole by placing his beautiful wife in the lawman's path.

Trailer on Youtube

Premiere in Moscow with Robert De Niro

Film page on Kinopoisk
Stive Pink's comedy starring John Cusack, Craig Robinson, Rob Corddry and Clark Duke.
A malfunctioning time machine at a ski resort takes a man back to 1986 with his two friends and nephew, where they must relive a fateful night and not change anything to make sure the nephew is born.

Trailer on Youtube

Film page on Kinopoisk
Agnieszka Wojtowicz-Vosloo's mystery horror starring Liam Neeson, Christina Ricci and Justin Long.
A young woman caught between life and death... and a funeral director who appears to have the gift of transitioning the dead, but might just be intent on burying her alive.

Trailer on Youtube

Film page on Kinopoisk
Derrick Borte's drama starring David Duchovny, Demi Moore, Amber Heard and Ben Hollingsworth.
A seemingly perfect family moves into a suburban neighborhood, but when it comes to the truth as to why they're living there, they don't exactly come clean with their neighbors.

Trailer on Youtube

Film page on Kinopoisk
Pascal Bourdiaux's criminal comedy starring José Garcia and Gilbert Melki.
A mild-mannered banker is forced to masquerade as a notorious gangster and pimp.

Trailer on Youtube

Film page on Kinopoisk

Less known but nevertheless noteworthy releases...
LG Loyalty Program for Retail Sellers
We created loyalty program with educational and entertainment content for sellers of Tehnosila, Eldorado, MediaMarkt and other retail networks to motivate them drive sales of LG home appliance, small domestic appliance and home entertainment products.

We developed not just the concept, but also the initial mechanics of rewards for active participating, flash games, various contests and acivities.

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LG Loyalty Program for Retail Sellers
We created loyalty program with educational and entertainment content for sellers of Tehnosila, Eldorado, MediaMarkt and other retail networks to motivate them drive sales of LG mobile communication products.

We developed not just the concept, but also the initial mechanics of rewards for active participating, flash games, various contests and acivities.

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